Community Powered Running Group Based Out of Waterloo Region

The Running Rarebits are an inclusive running community based out the Waterloo Region.

The Running Rarebits believe that anybody who runs is a runner, regardless of pace or distance, and that we are united in our struggle towards our personal running goals. Every Rarebit that runs a race will be cheered in at the finish line. Watch for the team in red at a race near you!

Founded in 2014 during a charity event called the World's Biggest Bake Sale in support of a running race, the Running Rarebits raised over $30,000 in support of local children's charities during that event and brought a Guinness World Record to Kitchener-Waterloo. The Running Rarebits continue to participate in races throughout Ontario and to make a difference in their communities through charity and volunteering.

The Running Rarebits leave no Rarebit behind.

The Running Rarebits believe in charity, good sportsmanship and that runners of all capabilities and body types belong.

Running Rarebits founders Chris Mintz and Maria Michel
Running Rarebits during a Canada Day run
Running Rarebits at Pace The Donkey

Founded over a love of cookies, community and running

The Rarebits are an inclusive running community based out of the Waterloo Region. Runners associated with the Mudpuppy Race founded the Rarebits in 2014 for The World's Biggest Bake Sale charity event to raise money for local children's charities. The Rarebits are a community oriented running group focused on giving back through volunteer and charity work. The Rarebits welcome runners of all skill levels and capabilities and focus on supporting each member's individual running goals.

Community minded runners

The Running Rarebits have raised over $60,000.00 for charities. We continue to focus on supporting charities through races, events, and projects such as our calendar.

The Rarebit ethos

All Rarebits practice inclusion, charity, and good sportsmanship - both as runners and in their every day lives. The Rarebits are proud to include runners of all capabilities and ensure support for all to participate in the activity of running.

You don't have to be fast, but you have to be fun.

Follow Our Adventures

Running Rarebits Be Strong Chairty Calendar

Celebrating the women of the Rarebits' inner strength, body strength and strength in community.

The 2019 Running Rarebits Charity Calendar

With proceeds going to St Mary's Hospital Cardiac Centre

17 models show their strength in this 13 month calendar that takes you out to Jan 2020!

Professional photography and design make this an incredibly high quality calendar!

Inspirational women telling their stories of personal perseverence and strength!

Comprehensive list of races in the Waterloo Region including reminders of early bird rate deadlines.