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Kitchener Grand-River Rotary
House of FriendshipOntario Youth Rotary Programs
Waterloo EducationYWCA
Powered by Community Group Running Rarebits

Who Are The Running Rarebits?

The Running Rarebits are a group of community minded individuals who like to run. When we're not running, we like to fund raise for our community and help out charities in need, in particular we like to help charities that help disadvantaged children. When we help children in need, we level the playing field so they can reach adulthood with the same chances as other children.

The Good Eats Bake Sale is to raise funds for their upcoming race, the Fall Mudpuppy Trail Race on Sept 12, in support of the Kitchener Grand-River Rotary

Running Rarebits Guinness World Record Winners for World's Biggest Bake Sale
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